Personalizing your wedding celebration.

This day is about you two and what has led you both here. Weddings are to be a celebration, not a sermon to bore the audience. So my goal is to make it fit who you are as a couple. The guests have come to hear about you as a couple and celebrate your special day with you. In order to do that I have some fun projects for you to do. Think of this not as homework, but an opportunity to share a little bit of your lives with your guests. It should be to express your feelings to one another.

1. Write a brief story of how you met and what has led you to the proposal. You can do this together or separately.

2. Make a brief list of the character qualities that attracted you to your fiancé.

3. Briefly describe a situation or an experience you had together that reflects your relationship. This can be funny situations or something that shows each others characteristics or personality.